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Outdoor Classroom


Looking for an area to be able to teach outdoors?  We can create a perfect space with tables, benches, and planting areas.

Little Ones Outdoor Classroom


Want to teach lil' ones outdoors?  Get a customised outdoor classroom!  Benches or little stools, scensory areas, planting walls, tables, mystery bins.  Endless opportunites!

Backyard Playset


Are you in need of a playset at your home?  We have numerous options for backyard play structures available. 

Games Areas


Want a permanent game area?  Get a life sized checkers board, tick tac toe, scavenger hunt list or hop scotch area built right in!  Endless options available!

Planting Spaces


Want to engage kids in learning about plants?  We offer planting walls that do just that!  Individual jars for the kids to plant, nurture and watch their plants flourish!

Outdoor Reading Area


We can create outdoor reading spaces for any age.  Looking for a covered area, with cumfy cusions? Or for the "big" kids, benches or tables?  We've got you covered!