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7 Elements of Play No. 2

Today’s feature in the 7 Elements of Play – Brachiating! Benefits of brachiating on the playground:1. Brachiating strengthens the upper body and develops grip strength.2. It increases endurance, flexibility, and eye-hand coordination.3. Brachiating develops kinesthetic awareness, which allows a child to know where their body is in space. Many structures […]

Benefits Of Outdoor Winter Play!

With the chill of winter settling in, it is time to discuss the importance of outdoor play! Some adults associate cold winter weather with getting colds and illnesses. However, it is not exposure to the cold that cause these viruses. In fact, it’s likely to be increased exposure to poorly […]

Indoor Playgrounds!

The season of indoor play is upon us. Are you ready?! Indoor Playgrounds help keep the dreaded cabin fever at bay which allows parents to RELAX while sipping on a HOT cup of coffee! Northland has everything you need to create the most family-friendly, kid-pleasing indoor play spaces! Structures for […]