Meet Our Staff

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These are the people you’ll be exchanging emails with, interacting with at installs, and talking to when you call us!

Meet Jerome

Image of Jerome Pratchler - Owner of Northland Supply

Jerome Pratchler

Owner & Installer

Jerome is the Owner & Installer for Northland Recreation Supply. Jerome has been actively involved with top-quality playground services for over 18 years.  His expertise will ensure that your playground installation will exceed all safety procedure requirements. Jerome is also a certified CPRA/CSA playground inspector.

Meet Meegan

Image of Meegan Wozniczka Manager & Marketing Director

Meegan Wozniczka

Manager & Marketing Director

Meegan is the Manager & Marketing Director for Northland Recreation Supply and will be your main point of contact for all inquiries, designs and additional supports for your playground development.  Meegan will provide you boundless enthusiasm, creativity, competitive pricing, industry experience and clear and organized development process. 

    Meet Mark

    Image of Mark Rolfes

    Mark Rolfes


    Canadian Certified Playground Inspector
    Bachelor of Education
    Journeyman Carpenter

      About Us

      Northland Recreation Supply is one of Saskatchewan’s largest suppliers of commercial grade playground equipment, proudly serving communities, schools, daycares, parks and reservations. We specialize in supplying northern and remote communities with equipment, installation, and logistics services.

      Northland has been in business for over twelve years, with access to a wide range of suppliers to ensure our customers are provided the most innovative, and extraordinary equipment and options.

      Our friendly staff is knowledgable and has many years of experience in the creation and installation of play structures.

      Located in central Saskatchewan, 16km East of Humboldt, SK and 25km West of Watson, SK, we have tremendous history working with organizations from all three of the prairie provinces, British Columbia and the territories.

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