Daycare Playgrounds

Specializing in the development of outdoor playgrounds for daycares, we understand the importance of creating play spaces that enhance children’s capabilities and expand their social world through sensory rich experiences.

Why is Sensory Play Essential in Childhood Development?

Sensory Play promotes inclusive, open-ended play that cultivates vital skills, promotes self-regulation, sparks exploration, enhances problem solving abilities, and nurtures creativity.

Sensory Playground Equipment

A sensory-rich play space provides a wide variety of sensory experiences all in one space. It is designed to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for children of varying abilities. Specifically, a sensory-friendly playground offers a variety of equipment designed to stimulate the senses, including sight, sound, smell, touch, balance, and proprioception.

Sensory playgrounds are often referred to as “inclusive playgrounds,” but the two aren’t always the same. An inclusive playground goes beyond the accessibility standards. It offers more than basic wheelchair access and provides a space for kids of all ages and ability levels to play, challenge and have fun together.

A sensory-friendly environment is often an important element of an inclusive daycare play space. A sensory playground may incorporate some or all the components of an inclusive playground, as well as elements that are designed to stimulate the senses. These can include sandboxes, swings, spinners and climbing components, outdoor exploration, play panels, and gentle colors.

If creating an inclusive, safe, and stimulating play area is on your daycare’s to-do list, please do not hesitate to contact us – we would be honored to assist you on this exciting journey!

Benefits of Sensory Play

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