Customer Reviews

Have a look at the reviews some of our customers have sent in to us! If you’re recently purchased a playground structure, or even just requested a quote or spare parts, feel free to submit a review about your experiences!

Here’s what our Customers have to say…

South East Cornerstone Public School Division

Sturgis Composite School

I am writing this letter for Northland Recreational Supply in Muenster, Saskatchewan. I am the principal of Sturgis Composite School in Sturgis, Saskatchewan. Recently we had a school consolidation in Sturgis and brought a K-5 school and a 6-12 school under one roof. 

One of the problems we had was that we had no playground equipment on our school ground. We gathered bids from various playground companies. In the end our decision was easy to pick Northland Recreational Supply.

– Northland Recreational Supply made it super easy to order playground. Their website and the ability to speak to an actual person on the phone when you called was very useful.

– The quality of their equipment is outstanding. Made strong and durable and for our climate in Saskatchewan. They have a playground for every budget – small to large. Color choices and the ability to change apparatus made for super flexible for us.

– Once the order was placed the delivery arrived on time (it actually arrived early).

– We used a Northland Recreational Supply installation coordinator along with local volunteers to install our equipment. The installer was very easy to work with, very knowledgeable, was able to keep all of our crew busy at all times. With their extensive knowledge of installing playgrounds they efficiently used our volunteer’s time. The install was done on time. They left us with the special “drives” to tighten any bolts on the playground.

– They did a post installation courtesy call a few months after our playground was put in. We have had no problems but know that they are only a phone call away.

Based on our experience in our playground planning, ordering and installation I highly recommend Northland Recreational Supply from Muenster, Saskatchewan for your next playground project.

Brad Cameron
Sturgis Composite School
Sturgis, Saskatchewan

Stoughton Central School

After a wide call for quotes, our School Community Council chose to purchase a Go-Elan playground from Northland Recreation Supply because we felt that they truly listened to what we wanted and we were confident that they would guide us through this large purchase with ease. We were not disappointed. 

Ordering felt easy – I always received prompt replies to my questions and they were patient when we needed to tweak colors or change pieces. The equipment was delivered on time and we were able to schedule it close to our installation date so we didn’t need to worry about a long storage period.  One non-critical part was missing from the shipment but was delivered to our school within a week.  

Jerome, the installation supervisor, provided us information on all site preparations, the number of volunteers needed and necessary equipment so we felt ready to go when he got here. With step by step instructions and a relaxed manner, Jerome made our installation feel easy and we completed it in less time than we planned. The quality of the equipment is great, it looks awesome, and the kids love it. 

We are very pleased with our experience with Northland Recreation Supply and will go back to them for future upgrades.

Amanda Baumgartner
Stoughton Central School Community Council Chairperson
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