7 Elements of Play No. 4

Today’s feature in the 7 Elements of Play – Sensory Experiences!

Benefits of sensory experiences on the playground:

1. Children rely on sensory input to learn about the environment; it also builds neural connections that support thought, learning, and creativity.

2. Sensory experiences support tactical learning. Touch activities require the use of muscles while jumping on a trampoline, crab walking, running a three-legged race or obstacle course, playing leapfrog or hopscotch, tossing and catching games, and tug of war.

3. Sensory engagement helps to develop a child’s auditory system.

4. Visual processing skills help children move their eyes in a specific direction, developing eye fitness for reading and tracking skills. This aids in differentiating between object size and similarities. It also assists in interpreting and understanding visual cues like catching a moving object or tracking a ball in flight.

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