7 Elements of Play No. 2

Today’s feature in the 7 Elements of Play – Brachiating!

Benefits of brachiating on the playground:
1. Brachiating strengthens the upper body and develops grip strength.
2. It increases endurance, flexibility, and eye-hand coordination.
3. Brachiating develops kinesthetic awareness, which allows a child to know where their body is in space. Many structures in the body have nerve receptors that act as conduits for information that are sent to the brain. For instance, the ear sends explicit information to the brain regarding the head’s orientation to gravity, acceleration, deceleration, and direction of movement. The brain also receives information from the eyes, muscles, ligaments, joints, etc. – which are required to allow your body to move smoothly, stay balanced, maintain posture, and react to the immediate environment.
4. Children establish rhythmic body movement as they move from one bar to the next.
5. Gross, and fine motor skills are also significantly enhanced as large and small muscle movement occurs.
6. Depth perception is improved; as the child jumps up and hangs on the bar, they must decide to either let go and drop to their feet or yell for help!

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