Soccer Nets

Thank you to the City of Humboldt for purchasing 6 UNIGOALS. Your support and trust in our company is greatly appreciated!

We proudly manufacture UNIGOAL soccer nets at our shop located outside of Muenster, SK!

UNIGOAL soccer goal frames are manufactured out of seamless, 6061 aluminum pipe frame that is welded to a round cornered rectangle base.  We intentionally designed the base in such a way so to provide significantly less friction when moving the soccer goals. Furthermore, the frame is structurally designed to provide maximum support in all directions. This design will eliminate premature damage from continuous moving during regular field maintenance.
Our UNIGOAL frames are finished with a super durable, polyester, powder coat finish.
UNIGOAL nets are as the name implies – one, solid weld.  Our design eliminates the need to fasten joints together. We did this because joints in aluminum frame sports nets, that are mechanically connected, provide opportunities for movement in the joint.  This movement eventually weakens the frame causing it to snap and breakdown after a few years of use.  UNIGOAL sport nets are solid welded and require NO assembly!
Our nets are made with 3mm polyethylene that is both knotted and twisted for lasting durability
UNIGOAL soccer nets are available in the following sizes:
Junior – Width 9’, Height 4.5’, Bottom Depth 4.5’ and top depth 2’
Senior – Width ’, Height ’, Bottom Depth ’ and top depth ’
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