Go-Hop Play Structures!

Our Go-Hop play structures integrate a wide variety of play stations. Each component presents its own physical challenge. The configuration possibilities are endless!

Go-Hop play structures form the basis of imaginary adventures (“Watch out, if you fall, the crocodiles will catch you!”) and of physical exploration (“I bet you can’t jump all the way over there!”). Children develop balance, coordination, timing, agility, strength, and endurance…all while having fun.
These play structures also give older children the opportunities to challenge themselves physically and overcome their fears while striving to achieve the goal of one station in order to move on to the next. Parents may even join their kids in tests of agility!

Go-Hop play structures provide ground-level exercise which can be done in “courses” (from one end to the other without touching the ground) or one at a time. Accessibility is maximized, to permit their use by children with physical disabilities.

Go-Hop play structures can round out a playground or simply be the playground on their own.

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