All Inclusive Play

We take pride in creating thoughtfully designed areas that create a safe space that children of all abilities can play together in.  Let us help you create an area perfect for every child.

We can take away the barriers of exclusion.

Some Options Available

Pour 'N Place


This product ensures that your play area is accessible to all children, while still providing a protective surface for the play area.

Wheelchair Accessible


We have play structures that are partially & fully wheelchair accessible.  Many options to choose from!

Make Sand Accessible


We provide custom products that can make a sand surfaced area wheelchair accessible.  Placement is key & we have great options to help with your budget while still being accessible.

Colour Options


We have endless choices for colour options on all of our products.  If you are wanting bright colours to draw the kids in, or earth tones so it isn't overwhelming - We have the choices available for you.

All Natural


Are you looking for a space without a physical play structure?  We can design areas revolving around nature - trees, rocks, climbing, green space & in-ground games.  

Endless Options


Whatever type of play area you are looking for we can ensure you get it.  There are endless options to creating an amazing space for all children to utilise.  Let us help you create the perfect area!