Northland Recreation Supply is proud to be the Saskatchewan distributor for all Go-Elan Playground Structures and swing sets. Go-Elan is the leading Canadian manufacturer of a wide variety of high quality Playground and Fitness Equipment for all ages that offers many hours of active fun for schools, parks and daycare centres .
All our playground equipment will meet or exceed all your requirements for your playgrounds.

A safe, economical line of Commercial Playground Equipment which includes a: Daycare Puzzle Series for children 2-5 years of age; Junior Puzzle Series for children 2-12 years of age ; Puzzle Plus Series for children 5 -12 years of age; Go-Hop Series with unlimited activity; An Accessibility Series which offers play for all abilities; Independant Play Equipment with swing sets, slides, teeter-totters, bouncers, basketball hoops and climbing walls such as Fortress Walls & Cliffhangers; theme games; components such as slides, tunnels, roofing and panels that can be added to any Go-Elan structure; Site Furnishings with park benches, picnic tables, garbage receptacles, bike racks and a recycled plastic series ; A Fitness Trail for the 18 to 98 with four stations.
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We will assist you in making an informed decision on the correct Playground Equipment to purchase for your needs by offering Free:

•  Consultations
- to plan your new Playground or
- add on to your existing Playgrounds
•  Product Presentations
- for your schools, parks and daycares
•  Price Breakdowns
•  Site Layout Drawings for your playground
.  Drawings and Specifications (3-D Color) for your school, park, daycare centre
St. Brieux , SK

- Playground Equipment that meets and/or exceeds current safety standards
- Powder-coated aluminum posts on all Playground Equipment
- UV-treated PVC-coated steel decks - standard on all the Playground Structures
- Galvanized steel components with powder-coat finish on all Playground Equipment
- Pre-drilled bolt inserts - making installation of your Playground Equipment easier
No more adjustable clamps!
- Rounded column ends designed to prevent children from climbing on the posts resulting in a safer play area
- Vandal-Resistant Stainless Steel Button Socket Cap Screws
- Textured Surface Posts - reducing graffiti
- Two Systems for Playground Equipment Installation

1) Cemented-in or
2) A Stringer Mount System ( Free-Standing)
-- A solid design for your Play Structures
-- A unique design that does not require concrete
-- An Economical, cost effective system
-- An Anchoring Structure hidden beneath the protective surface
-- Less property damage from heavy equipment
-- Cheaper addition or moving of Play Equipment
-- Stops the frost/defrost effect

Manufacturer of Commercial
Playground Equipment

- Extra-Sturdy Slides made of rotomoulded polyethylene with an assortment of colors ;
- A wide variety of play panels - a huge selection of play activity for your young children.
- A Level 0 Tag on each column which simplifies maintenance of all cushioned surfaces.
- Playground Equipment Columns that come in a rainbow of colors
- Plastic Components such as slides, roofs, steering wheels, etc. are also available in a wide
variety of colors
- A Computer Design department that will help you custom-create a playground to fit your
needs, your space and your budget.

CONTACT : Northland Recreation Supply for all your commercial playground equipment for your schools, parks, and daycare centres, independent playground equipment , swing sets, slides, swings, climbers, bouncers, park benches, tables and other site furnishings.

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