Northland Recreation Supply is the Canadian distributor for PlayNation Wooden Swing Sets and backyard playground equipment. We sell large backyard cedar and pine swing sets as well as smaller less costly backyard sets that can fit into any family's budget. We carry a variety of different sized backyard swing sets making it possible to fit into most backyards. These backyard swing sets are built with slides, climbers, rock walls, trapeze bars, tire swings, rope ladders, forts and much more, providing hours of safe fun for your little ones.

Gorilla Play Sets manufactures premium backyard Wooden Swing Sets at Affordable Prices that are ready-to-assemble. Forts with slides, swings, trapeze bars, tire swings, climbers, rockwalls and rope ladders .

Gorilla Playsets

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Gorilla Play Set Features:

Only the best material's for wooden backyard swing sets.

We use only the best grade of lumber available for wooden swing sets. All of the lumber used in building your wooden swing set is strong and durable, giving you years of safe use. All of our wood conforms to the national standards for use in a swing set.

Amber Stain for your backyard swing set:
Amber sealant helps provide extra protection from discoloration with a beautiful finish

Ready to Assemble backyard Swing sets:
Assemble a swing set that your kids will love you for, using everyday household tools.

Playset Safety :
The safety of your children as well as ours is very important to Gorilla playsets. We strive to bring you a playset that you are proud of and one that your family will feel safe while playing.

Quality Lumber :
Gorilla playsets are built with choice grade quality lumber to keep your playset healthy and safe for many years.

Warranty :
Gorilla playsets boasts one of the best warranties for backyard swing sets in the playground equipment industry

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Playnation Backyard Swing Set Features:

Exclusive Green Heavy Duty Hangers:
PlayNation Backyard Swing sets use Heavy duty swing hangers on all swing beams. Our unique spring clips allow you to adjust your swings to any height.

Only the Finest Slides:
Rich colors, can withstand adult weights and guaranteed UV protection are just a few reason why our slides are the finest on the market.

All-Bolt Construction:
PlayNation Swing sets are built with all hot-dip galvanized bolt & lag construction. No nails that can work loose are used in our Swing sets and backyard playground equipment .

Vinyl Coated Swing Chains:
We use only vinyl dipped Swing Chains on our Swing sets. These chains won't pinch little fingers or rust like plastic sleeved swing chains. The trapeze bars on our Swing sets are coated in the same vinyl for a long-lasting and durable grip

Safer Steps:
All PlayNation Backyard Swing sets come with the heaviest steps made. Steps are much safer for children than rails and will not allow a child to slip and fall through.

Adjustable swing beam:
A 4" X 6" adjustable swing beam is a standard feature on all PlayNation Playground Equipment Swing sets. The extra heavy beams make all our Swing sets extremely sturdy. All our Swing set corners are rounded and sanded smooth

All of our wood is hand selected for unyielding strength, durability, and beauty. Our Southern Yellow Pine is preserved using the safest methods available while our Redwood and Cedar are naturally resistant to rot and decay. Our hardware consists of oversized bolts and heavy screws that are electro-galvanized to prevent corrosion.

Huge 4" x 6" swing beams are standard while 4" x 4" posts and unique 4" x 4" undercarriages produce an incredibly stable fort that is unmatched in the industry. Our play sets are the heaviest units in the backyard playground industry. They are able to handle adult weights without being anchored in the ground.

Our Safety Ladder Steps provide the widest surface area in the industry. We never use dowels or rungs that can work loose or become slippery and cause injury. All wood edges are rounded and the surfaces are sanded smooth. We do this to avoid sharp edges and reduce splintering. Countersunk bolt holes, and unique push on bolt caps assure you of an extremely safe structure. Nails are never used in the construction of our play sets. We never use dangling ropes or rope swings that can lead to serious injury. We use 800 lb. test swing chains that are vinyl dipped to provide a better grip while keeping little fingers and long hair from getting pinched or caught in the chain. No conflicting play zones; i.e. monkey bars over swings.

Our play sets are innovative, well-made, and attractive designs that will compliment any backyard. Your choice of accessories, that include bright primary colors or subdued natural tones, will add a personal touch and make your backyard playground unique to your family.

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